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“Look I can do it myself!”

Yesterday in the lovely sunshine I spotted this ball of downy feathers sitting on the edge of the water bowl we leave outside for Jazz to drink from.
Jazz often prefers much cloudier water he finds in empty flower pots and the birds often drink from the orange bowl.
Blackbirds enjoy a bath in the orange bowl too.
I did not manage to get a photo of this blackbird fledgling’s first splash but I am sure I saw surprise register on his/her face and she/ he very promptly hopped out. However instinct took over and back in it went with water flying everywhere and a great deal of preening and awkward, uncoordinated fluttering.

It really reminded me of a small child attempting and then managing a new skill.
Today I can hear younger blackbird fledglings urging their tireless parents on to bring them more food. The torrential rain we had on Thursday has ensured an excellent supply of worms and tasty treats thank goodness. There may be more bird bath antics to come!