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Views from our two back doors

Celi over here has recently invited her sizeable readership to post photos of the view from their back porches or back doors.

We have two back doors, although one technically is a side door. It is the one that we use all the time to access the back part of the section.
This is a view from this door.


The other door, the official back door, is very rarely used and looks out on to some pots and my collection of tubs in which I grow a few vegetables and a peep through some deck railings to our Golden Elm tree and Cabbage tree.


Do go and look at the many and varied views that Celi has collated on her blog. It has proved to be a colourful challenge that many have met with their stunning photos.


Back to the blog

Okay so I’ve been silent for a long while.  What has motivated me to begin blogging again?  A number of factors have influenced me and they include an urging from at least three people who feel I would find personal value in writing more here. 

Recent earthquakes in my country and in our Pacific neighbour Japan have highlighted once again how important it is to connect with ordinary people in ordinary ways and to see the difference, no matter how small from those contacts and connections. Blogs have provided insights into the lives of these ordinary people who are facing extraordinary circumstances in a real, first person way.  I hope I can learn from their resilience, their caring, their fortitude and practical skills and learnings so that should I be faced with similar disasters I will be better prepared.

I have also been enjoying reading a variety and growing collection of blogs.  I feel inspired, educated, stimulated, informed and challenged depending on the focus of each blog.

So here goes…..again.

Goodness from mentoring

I’ve just been to see a health practitioner for an annual check up.  My practitioner has cared for our family for over 15 years now and so knows us well. One of my adult children is studying to become a practitioner in this field. 

Our practitioner generously offers work experience to my son whenever he is at home on university holidays.  Not only is he able to observe her work, once patient consent has been granted, but she challenges him with questions, ideas  and theories during the consultation.  He has an excellent knowledge of a range of specialist products used in this field and she draws on this to assist in her treatment plans.

As a self employed business owner time is money so there is a business cost to her in having a student sit in.  There is also a personal cost to her in terms of her having to think about involving and challenging him while at the same time providing a professional service as a qualified specialist to her patients.

It is a fine example of mentoring and one that will benefit both the field they have chosen to work in but more especially my son’s future and the people he treats.  Her generosity will not hit the media headlines and her mentoring may not be seen as anything more than what “should” happen in health professions.  So it could be deemed ordinary practice but the goodness is far reaching.