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An expansive little word

I’ve been thinking about a three letter word this week and realise just how much I use it, often at the end of a sentence.

I find it helpful in quieting the negative voice/s in my head.

The little word is “yet”, used as an adverb. “I haven’t written that blog post……..pause and insert “yet.”

Yet can mean “up to the present time, thus far” and I think this offers a great sense of hope, possibility, potential, choice and opportunity. It can relieve pressure, increase a sense of empowerment, capability and capacity, encourage wider thinking or creativity and let our clever brains get to work in a way that supports us instead of beating us down.

A photo of “yet” seemed a little trickier to capture but maybe this pile of wind gathered autumn leaves says “it is autumn here but not yet winter” and thus far the temperature here today bears that out.

Sunday Quote from Viktor E Frankl quote found in Stephen Covey’s book “The 8th Habit”

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and our happiness.” Viktor E Frankl

Saturday tip: Choices offer change

Here is an idea to try if you would like to increase flexibility in your thinking and in your actions. Consider how you can become more flexible by asking yourself the following:
“ Instead of…………………………………………
I could………………………………………………

Choices offer change!

Saturday Tip: 84,600

Imagine how you would feel if I told you that you had $84,600 that had to be used in some way in 24 hours!
What would you spend it on and how would you plan to spend it?

Some might choose to save it all for another time, others might invest some but spend some, others might simply go out and spend up large, others might sit down and list all the things they needed and then prioritise the spending, others might give it away.
There is no right or wrong way but it is an interesting tip to consider when you know that every 24 hours we have 84,600 seconds to make use of.
How will you spend that today? Let me know your ideas and plans!