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Friday Flower

New Zealand Pohutukawa Tree (Metrosideros Excelsa) bursting into flower. It is a member of the myrtle family and grows very well in our harsh coastal conditions. Tui and other nectar feeding birds enjoy the flowers’ nectar.

When the Pohutukawa flowers it is said to mean that it is summer in New Zealand….mmmm we are waiting for that currently and that it is Christmas time…..well that is very correct.


Tuis at Christmas time

In the week or so preceding Christmas the majority of the Tuis disappeared. This is a pattern I have observed in past years. The Sugar water feeder did not require refilling for two days. Food supplies may be very abundant perhaps and with warm, dry weather the need for extra “fast food” could well diminish.
However on wet days or cold, windy days who should pop back but the Tuis…..wise birds with good memories.
The other possibility is that the Manuka flowers at this time of the year, so yet another addition to their food supply. This year, like so many other natives, it has been a prolific flowering season for Manuka.
Today the weather has been hot, humid and rainy. Late this afternoon these two appeared and flirted and flitted between the feeder, the white tulip flowered Magnolia and the flowering Pohutukawas across the road.DSCF6071

There was much puffery which I have learnt can precede some afternoon delight and very enthusiastic singing at each other as only Tui can.

It is lively and loud song but does not prohibit branch hopping and acrobatics all at the same time and then gone!!
Flying off and away.