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Metta meditation for you

It is spring in New Zealand and I am doing some spring cleaning and decluttering. I came across this Metta Meditation in a note sent to me by a friend some years back and I thought I would share it with you all. It uses fairly ordinary language but its intention has power.

“May you be free from danger
May you have mental happiness
May you have physical happiness
May you have ease of well-being”

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Saturday tips

I am going to post “tips” on Saturday and a “quote” on Sunday……so I can keep my weekend time free for pursuits other than writing  longer blog posts.

Decluttering is on my agenda currently and so I dug into my time management resources and found the following “tips”:

The Four D’s:  

Do……………do something with this stuff

Delay……………until I can find a home elsewhere for this stuff

Delegate………….ask someone else to declutter their stuff

Dump………….to the local recycling station or into the bin

Use Your GUTS!

Give it away

Use it

Throw it away

Sell it

Good luck with getting organised, decluttering or managing your time more efficiently.  I’d be interested in any tips you have to clear clutter.