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Living waters, quilting and ceramics

We have been in the midst of a huge winter storm system since Friday. The wind has shaken the house at times, the thunder has shaken the house at times and the heavy rain and hail have pelted against the windows and roof. There have also been periods of calm and dry within all this extra high energy.

This is all set against the news in the past few days of more earthquakes in Japan, the Pacific, Christchurch and a sizeable tremor located in Taupo but felt here in various degrees of severity. The Kermadec Islands jolt set off Tsunami watches here and with three family members living or working close to the coast my antennae were well up for an hour or two until the “watch” was lifted. A tornado hit an area 35 kms north of where I live and that has put an increased alert in my mind too. There seems much to be aware of right now.

Set against all this weather and the forces of nature it was with delight that I noticed patches of blue sky during the morning and so I set off to watch a DVD being shown outside our main public library.

This DVD featured 2 or 3 episodes in the Living Waters, Tiakina Nga Taonga – Protect the Treasure series. The makers plan to make a new episode each month for a year celebrating the unique ecology, diversity and beauty of the Porirua Harbour and the piece that I see on an almost daily basis, the Pauatahanui Inlet.

I felt transported into a much calmer space as I sat and enjoyed the small creatures, the fish, the birdlife, and the plants that inhabit both the Inlet and its fresh water sources. The humans featured on the episodes ranged in age from young school age children to elderly, all of whom were learning about this wonderful environment and contributing to the maintenance and knowledge of a very unique eco-system.

I see on the website that there are episodes online that I have yet to view so if the forecast “systems” in this storm arrive I can look forward to watching those at home.

I then went to the nearby gallery and enjoyed the exhibition mounted by the Coastal Quilters and artists from the local Gear Homestead group. The range of colour, pattern and individual creations was stunning. It was a visual feast.

Refreshed from this outing I am pleased to report a lull in the weather currently which I am really enjoying.


A walk from home

The community I live in has a large number of interconnected walkways.  Many of these take the walker well away from busy roads which is a bonus.

One of my favourite sections of walkway tracks along the base of a hill.  There is a small stream that runs alongside the path and the hill and the hill is wooded with regenerating native bush and introduced plants and trees.

One the other side of the path is a school playground and then the backyards and gardens of people’s houses.  A walk along this path offers me such a variety of interesting sights and experiences.  I can enjoy the sounds and activities of the children at school if they are out of the classroom.  I can listen to the sounds of the stream and the various calls and songs of the diversity of bird life, both native and introduced.

I can also enjoy the changes in plants, flowers and trees in the gardens.

I often chose to return home up a steep zigzag path that climbs the hill.  Over the spring and summer I was delighted to see several native pigeons or Kereru.  These are newer visitors (or hopefully residents) to this area.  Tuis, Fantails and Grey Warblers are often to be heard amidst the sounds of sparrows, blackbirds and thrushes.

At the moment the hill is dotted with splashes of intense autumn colour as the leaves on the flowering cherry trees turn and drop.  The native bush is lush and green and very damp smelling as nature produces humus from the falling leaves and twigs.

I can feel a long way from the busyness of life and its stresses and strains as I walk this route.  I return home with my senses revitalised and my energy boosted.