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The confused face of autumn

Here in the garden it is definitely autumn.   The deciduous trees are dropping leaves or are about to begin that process.  The blazing Japanese Maple (acer palmatum sango kaku, Carol-bark maple) has all but finished its stunning display and the last leaves are falling.

However next to the tree is Feijoa Bambina which has three poor sized fruit on it, after a stunning flowering period in spring.   It mistakenly thinks it is spring with this dramatic single flower appearing and other flower buds showing.

So much about gardening involves puzzlement and surprise.IMG_0275 (800x600)IMG_0272 (800x600)


Midwinter surprise

My dwarf feijoa (Bambina) was struggling mightily in the garden. The bronze beetle just loved eating all the flower heads despite my efforts to stop them. That meant no fruit in summer time as I had planned.

In an effort to save the bush and maybe eat a fruit off it one day I transplanted it to a large pot. It has flourished and lo and behold in the middle of winter there are two flowers blooming with lots of buds waiting to burst forth. No bronze beetles in sight.

Will fruit form in a midwinter surprise? I’ll let you know.