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“When you grow up you will get your white wattle feathers,” said the mother Tui.

I have been reading up on New Zealand Birds in the past few weeks. I learnt that young Tuis do not have their distinctive white wattle until they are around 6 weeks old.

Early European settlers called our Tuis “The Parson Bird” because the white wattle feathers at the throat look like the white collar often worn by ministers of religion.


I see plenty of mature Tuis wearing their lovely wattles, their feathers gleaming black and iridescent greeny blue colours.

But I was full of delight on Monday night when I spotted this young one (around 3-6 weeks of age) resting quietly in a Pohutukawa tree, rather nicely camouflaged and without his white wattle or fine feathers. His or her dull colouring certainly assist it to remain hidden from danger. If you click on the photos and enlarge them you can see more detail:-)