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Sweet fragrances on Sunday

The sky is clear and blue, the wind brisk and icy. It is winter. But nature has provided sweet fragrance in the kitchen today as the young Daphne bush is covered in pretty white and pale pink, waxy flowers. Three sprigs, snipped and put in a vase are providing the most divine scent in the living area.



And this Freesia is bravely heralding a spring that is yet to come.


Some sunshine on Saturday

The sun has been a rare visitor here for the past two or three weeks. We have also had a lot of rain. Some has fallen in dramatically heavy showers while other rain has sifted down as drizzle. The ground is waterlogged so gardening is not easy to do right now.

So any sun that appears right now is very, very welcome.

Nature has provided me with some different sunshine to bring inside and enjoy.

Sending you sunshine wherever you are.