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Happiness and 100 best blogs to help find it.

A good friend of mine is an experienced  life coach and writer/editor.  I have a link to her Contemplate Life Coaching business on my blog.  www.mariankerr.co.nz will take you to her site.  On her website she includes articles, book reviews, her blog and all the details about the great services she offers.  The stunning photos are her work also!

Her blog has been listed in the Life Coaching section of 100 Best Blogs to Help You Find Happiness.
I thought you might like to look at some of the others on the list also as there are some inspiring and thought-provoking gems to be found amongst them.
You might also to look at the blogpost Marian wrote in response.
She would love to hear your feedback as she wants to know what real people think about the real issues in their lives.
Marian champions the belief that we are acceptable just the way we are and that being our authentic selves is the best and only way to live.  It seems an ordinary and obvious way to be but many people struggle with the notion.  Marian is very skilled at supporting people to achieve this in their lives. 

If it is Tuesday it must be singing

I belong to a local singing group.  We meet for 8 weeks every school term and there are four of those.  We meet from 7.30 until 8.45pm on a Tuesday night.  The only requirement for joining this group is that you like to sing.  No auditions, no ability to read music, just a desire to sing with others.  So for a nominal fee, around $6 per session I get to sing a range of  music with a great group of people, led by a talented and funny guy.

The age range in the group is from 12 to possibly 80 years of age.  Our musical leader has the group divided into those who like to sing high, or low and then the rest of us are middles.  Keep it simple and it works brilliantly.   He adds in “keep it friendly” and every session we have a couple of short breaks from singing to say hello and catch up with the people sitting near by.

Twice each term we sing while enjoying supper together.  We also get to sing out in public.  The group sings once at year at the Wellington Railway Station for the evening commuters.  This term we are scheduled to sing at the Wellington Airport for those flying at dinner time.  Other singing get-togethers in various locations and for various reasons are also arranged.

Do we sound good?  Yes, a lot of the time.  Do we make mistakes?  Yes, especially when a song is new but also when we have practiced and practiced.  Do we laugh a lot?  Oh yes!!!

Most people in the group would say that singing each week is the highlight of their working week.  For 75 minutes on a Tuesday night all the stresses, troubles and cares in our lives evaporate and we leave feeling relaxed and much better prepared to face the world.

It is a very simple formula and it works a treat.