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From flower to fruit

A short photo essay of my neighbour’s apple tree, as seen from my garden.

Spring 2014 until yesterday……..almost eating time.
DSCF1185 (640x480) (640x480)

DSCF1794 (1280x960)
DSCF1793 (1280x960)
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DSCF2310 (1280x960)


Midwinter surprise

My dwarf feijoa (Bambina) was struggling mightily in the garden. The bronze beetle just loved eating all the flower heads despite my efforts to stop them. That meant no fruit in summer time as I had planned.

In an effort to save the bush and maybe eat a fruit off it one day I transplanted it to a large pot. It has flourished and lo and behold in the middle of winter there are two flowers blooming with lots of buds waiting to burst forth. No bronze beetles in sight.

Will fruit form in a midwinter surprise? I’ll let you know.

Four fat feijoas and a smiling kiwi

I was surprised and delighted to see a smile inside my breakfast kiwifruit this morning. The pale flesh normally forms a circle but today it was a smile shape….perhaps it was in honour of my grandson’s third birthday?
2012_0410Image0002 (1280x960)

We had a great party this afternoon with lots of fun and food.

And oh yum it is Feijoa time at last. These four fat feijoas were on a special shelf at the fruiterers on Thursday.
2012_0410Image0003 (1280x960)

There was a fifth fat Feijoa but I enjoyed that on Saturday. It was sweet and succulent.

Delicious autumn fruit.