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Look who is here!

Yesterday I posted about the last week or so. In that post I mentioned that my kowhai tree was flowering and that I hoped the Tuis would come and visit the tree.

Well they have been visiting. Yippee! My point and shoot camera has a limited zoom and Tuis are wary of people so my shots are not that close unfortunately.

I hope you can see the Tui in the tree and then flying away. I am so delighted that they are coming to drink the nectar from this lovely tree.


Saturday Tip: Recipe for happiness

I found this in an old Church recipe book.

“Equal parts of health, honest work, rest and recreation, mixed carefully with diligence, cheerfulness and an even temper.

Sift them through the sieve of determination to get rid of any lumps of idleness or despondency.

Then bring the whole to a cream with the milk of human kindness and spirits of consideration and sympathy, stirring each in gently with an inspiring hand.

Add to this a sparkle of smiles and colour with laughter, a mere thought and a few illusions.

This mixture can be made at home by anyone.”

What does the wee phrase “a sparkle of smiles” bring to mind for you? I’d be interested to know.


2011 has had some daunting moments and the events that have occurred will continue to impact on our lives for a long time.   I am constantly looking for things that help boost mood, build resilience and an optimistic view of life.  The title of this book caught my eye and I requested it from our local library.

“The Happiness Project, or Why I spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my closets, fight right, read Aristotle and generally have more fun”  by Gretchen Rubin.  

I have found this book to be a stimulating, provocative and helpful read.  It certainly requires attention and is not some glib, once over lightly wander through “happiness”.

Her website is: www.happiness-project.com and is chock full of extras.

Even without natural disasters, economic recessions and unrest around the world, we humans are fascinated with Happiness.  If you want to extend your inquiry into this state read this book.

Happiness and 100 best blogs to help find it.

A good friend of mine is an experienced  life coach and writer/editor.  I have a link to her Contemplate Life Coaching business on my blog.  www.mariankerr.co.nz will take you to her site.  On her website she includes articles, book reviews, her blog and all the details about the great services she offers.  The stunning photos are her work also!

Her blog has been listed in the Life Coaching section of 100 Best Blogs to Help You Find Happiness.
I thought you might like to look at some of the others on the list also as there are some inspiring and thought-provoking gems to be found amongst them.
You might also to look at the blogpost Marian wrote in response.
She would love to hear your feedback as she wants to know what real people think about the real issues in their lives.
Marian champions the belief that we are acceptable just the way we are and that being our authentic selves is the best and only way to live.  It seems an ordinary and obvious way to be but many people struggle with the notion.  Marian is very skilled at supporting people to achieve this in their lives.