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Light work

The days are lengthening noticeably here now as we head to the longest day in just over a month’s time. The garlic is looking increasingly closer to harvesting time.

The light is playing games in the house right now. I am finding it in unusual and unexpected patches at different times of the day.

Then today we are experiencing a partial solar eclipse in relatively fine, calm conditions. There is some high cloud about but as I type this the sunlight entering the house is very dull and the birds have gone much quieter.

At full “eclipse” today 76% of the sun will be obscured by the moon. It certainly gives an eerie, hazy light to things outdoors. The sunlight has a different quality to it and my eyes are not finding it a familiar light at all.

The house is very dark in rooms where the sun does not reach at this time of day. But Jazz, our cat is still content to bask in any sunshine on offer out there

I’m a fan of mellow light and I find the blazing light of summer and the long periods of day challenging at times. Many others thrive in that strength and abundance. Which do you prefer?