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Yippee a honey bee!!

I was alerted to an agitated buzzing sound on one of the windows this morning. Hmmm I thought that does not sound like a bumble bee or a wasp. Perhaps it is a fly feeling the slowing effects of a fairly chilly start to the day.

However I am delighted to report that it was a Honey Bee! I scooped it gently out the window and wished it well as it flew out into my garden.

Why am I so delighted about seeing a honey bee? Our beehives in New Zealand have been decimated by the Varroa Mite and this has meant a dramatic reduction in bees and I have particularly noticed their absence on the past 2 or 3 years.

Our garden has lots of bee friendly flowers and plants but if the bees are struggling for survival they will not be here doing the wonderful work they do for us in terms of pollinating and producing tasty, healthful honey.

I hope the local hives are regenerating and that the helpful bees will be back in my garden in large numbers very soon.



This time last week I was anticipating what a roadtrip and weekend away could mean for me.  I have checked the  meaning of the word “anticipate” and found the following aspects that applied to me and my planned weekend.

“Anticipate”: To realise beforehand

And: To look forward to

So before we left I realised that if I prepared some food in advance we would not need to trek back and forth to unfamiliar supermarkets and no one would have to spend a lot of time preparing meals.  So we went reasonably laden, including some old favourites such as Date loaf and Spiced Apple Cake, a delicious beef casserole that had been cooked in the slow cooker and a simple meat loaf.  Our accommodation at The Shed  offered full kitchen and cooking facilities so there was no stress or distress arriving to find that we only had a microwave oven to use and a tiny fridge designed for one person!

I also knew that feijoas, a favourite seasonal fruit is plentiful and cheap in Hawkes Bay so I thought about finding at least one bag of those to come home with.  I also thought about Arataki Honey Centre and decided we would call in there and buy some comb honey.

I also spent some time considering what I was looking forward to about this weekend.  I was really keen to feel a sense of relaxation and comfort in the accommodation we booked and photos of The Shed reassured me about that.  I planned early nights and on one morning I took my cup of tea and the paper back to bed…..no cats climbing all over me, no chores needing to be done……bliss.

I anticipated walking the long driveway and looking at the orchards alongside.   (Many of the trees were still laden with a heavy crop of large, red apples.) I anticipated seeing new rural vistas as well as the familiar hills of Te Mata Peak and by contrast the totally flat land of the Heretaunga Plains.

I realised that I had not visited a relative’s burial plot in the cemetery so anticipated a visit to that spot.   Mostly I was looking forward to a change of environment, a change of pace and some refreshment.

Was my anticipation realised?    Yes!   Now with Easter almost here I might spend some time anticipating how this long weekend might be for me…..or I might just trust the process and go with whatever happens…..