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Fantastic Mr Fox

No, I am not going to review the marvelous children’s story by Roald Dahl today. Instead I am going to write about how happy I am with the Mozilla Firefox browser I have just updated to.

For the past few weeks I had been having increasing problems on WordPress.com. The font kept changing and rechanging, pages either would not open or would be only half open and there were several options that just would not operate for me at all. A notification from WP told me I needed to update my browser but I was uncertain about that advice.

In part, this was because my laptop is gaining in years and with so many hackers and bugs and beetles around to infect computers I was unsure about where the problem lay.
I also learnt that because I am running the ancient Windows XP operating system that I could not upgrade my Internet Explorer version…

Today I took the leap and went from Internet Explorer to the Firefox system and things have shaped back in to good working order on WP and a few other website’s I was having strange moments with.

So a nice move for now and WP is no longer causing me frustration and irritation. I’m glad about that.