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Saturday Tip: A bit of nostalgia

My children used to giggle and quote Jason Gunn ( a presenter on TV here) years ago who would use the phrase “Don’t pack your smellies with your meat”. I asked the grocery packer in the supermarket this week whether she remembered that phrase but sadly she didn’t (and she was old enough to know of it), so the moment was lost. Nevertheless it is sound advice and the best tip I could come up with this Saturday. Enjoy your day.

Saturday Tip: Appreciate and more

Keeping a daily gratitude journal is a popular means of keeping our focus on the positive and pleasant things in our lives.

Other things you might like to include in your daily notes are things that you appreciate, things that make you laugh and things that bring you joy.

My list for the day so far includes being grateful for good food and clean water, hot water in the shower, a flushing toilet, my family and pets and the love they give to me.

I am feeling very joyful today because our neighbours are topping and cutting back their trees which means we will get lots more sunshine in our liviing area, as well as lots more sunshine and light in the garden.

I have family members on a long road trip today and I appreciate the benefits of text messages as they let us know where they are. It is great to know they are safe.

It is only noon here so I will have some more notes to make by the end of the day. Do you keep a daily gratitude/appreciation journal?

Rivers and life

Rivers are often used as metaphors for life or perhaps how we need to live life. Simply put -to go with the flow, avoid stagnation, ride out the white water, enjoy the journey.

I’ve been reflecting on what has been on my mind these past few days and find that there are a good many people who are important to me who find themselves in rough and uncharted waters right now. I hope I can offer them support through my words and attention as life moves them on in the care of health professionals and the possibility of different ways of living in the future.

Others are feeling in side streams, away from the flow that they would like in their lives. I wonder if time and encouragement will assist them?

Another is feeling the effects of deep currents from the past and is struggling to clear those. Perhaps forgiveness can help in these situations?

Then one or two are in whirlpools where the water and force spinning and sucking at them have left them feeling drained, bewildered and grief stricken. Love and a listening, attentive ear are often the best we can offer.

I have also been flowing through steady, calm and pleasant water when we celebrated two birthdays and a belated third one last week. I need times of refreshment like this to remind me that there are easy parts of the journey.

And later today I hit the high adventure section of the river when I care for my boisterous, agile, funny, delightful two year old grandson. There will be no stagnant pools or much in the way of gentle flow but there will be excitement, laughter, energy and new channels to explore together:-)

Saturday tip: laughter

When we laugh or smile endorphins are released in our body.  Endorphins are “happy drugs” and we can fool our body in to releasing them by putting a pen horizontally between our teeth.

It may help other people smile or laugh when they see you clenching the pen between your teeth!   Go on try it, it has to be good for you!

Ha Ha Ha!!

We have been talking around here about laughing more to help reduce stress, build resilience, lift mood and generally stay lighter.   Years ago I was given this piece about Laughter and its huge benefits to us.  Sadly I cannot acknowledge the author.

Laughter is highly therapeutic.  Circuits in your brain reverberate.  Chemical impulses flow rapidly through your blood.  Your temperature rises, your pulse and blood pressure increases, your arteries and thoracic muscles contract.  Your vocal chords quiver and your face contorts.

Pressure builds in your lungs.  Breath bursts from your mouth at 70 miles an hour (110kms).  There is hardly a system in your body that a hearty laugh doesn’t stimulate.  When you laugh your chest and abdominal muscles, as well as your diaphragm, heart, lungs and liver contract.  Laughing also has a stimulating effect on the digestive organs and brings more oxygen into the blood and cells. 

The aerobic benefits come when your blood pressure soars and your pulse doubles.  When a spasm of laughter subsides, your pulse rate drops a little below normal, resulting in less stress, less hypertension and fewer muscle tension headaches, as an all round relaxation.

Good laughing releases endorphins which are 200 times stronger than morphine!!

Mild laughter is good exercise, like “internal jogging”.  Laughing 100 to 200 times a day, equals the exercise benefits of rowing for 10 minutes.

Laughter is one of the greatest preventative medicines known to man.”

I hope you find lots of things to laugh about today…..your whole being will love you for it! 


A chat in the sunshine

I’ve just enjoyed a chat in the sunshine with two of our neighbours.  We shared stories of our health and wellbeing, our pets and a few happenings from the neighbourhood.  We laugh together, commiserate over the tough bits of life and encourage each other to keep on smiling and enjoying life.  They are a vital part of my support network and we know we can rely on each other in times of crisis.  It is good to have a sense of an immediate local community.

If it is Tuesday it must be singing

I belong to a local singing group.  We meet for 8 weeks every school term and there are four of those.  We meet from 7.30 until 8.45pm on a Tuesday night.  The only requirement for joining this group is that you like to sing.  No auditions, no ability to read music, just a desire to sing with others.  So for a nominal fee, around $6 per session I get to sing a range of  music with a great group of people, led by a talented and funny guy.

The age range in the group is from 12 to possibly 80 years of age.  Our musical leader has the group divided into those who like to sing high, or low and then the rest of us are middles.  Keep it simple and it works brilliantly.   He adds in “keep it friendly” and every session we have a couple of short breaks from singing to say hello and catch up with the people sitting near by.

Twice each term we sing while enjoying supper together.  We also get to sing out in public.  The group sings once at year at the Wellington Railway Station for the evening commuters.  This term we are scheduled to sing at the Wellington Airport for those flying at dinner time.  Other singing get-togethers in various locations and for various reasons are also arranged.

Do we sound good?  Yes, a lot of the time.  Do we make mistakes?  Yes, especially when a song is new but also when we have practiced and practiced.  Do we laugh a lot?  Oh yes!!!

Most people in the group would say that singing each week is the highlight of their working week.  For 75 minutes on a Tuesday night all the stresses, troubles and cares in our lives evaporate and we leave feeling relaxed and much better prepared to face the world.

It is a very simple formula and it works a treat.


There was only one piece of snail mail today that looked interesting.  I opened the letter to find it was from a women’s clothing store telling me I needed to prepare for the cooler days ahead by buying clothes from their stores.   And, just by the way, I was only $350 away from my first reward of $25 off my next purchase after that spending spree…..there were of course more terms and conditions that applied to that reward as well.  They hoped they would see me soon.  I laughed out loud.

I also laughed out loud while I was brushing my teeth today.  I noticed that on the back of the packet of “lady” razors the manufacturers told me in 15 different languages that the razors were suitable for women with sensitive skin.  Each translation of the words “sensitive skin” was prefaced with a one or two letter code for the language used.  Working out each code was like a quick quiz while I brushed my teeth.  Good fun!