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Happiness and 100 best blogs to help find it.

A good friend of mine is an experienced  life coach and writer/editor.  I have a link to her Contemplate Life Coaching business on my blog.  www.mariankerr.co.nz will take you to her site.  On her website she includes articles, book reviews, her blog and all the details about the great services she offers.  The stunning photos are her work also!

Her blog has been listed in the Life Coaching section of 100 Best Blogs to Help You Find Happiness.
I thought you might like to look at some of the others on the list also as there are some inspiring and thought-provoking gems to be found amongst them.
You might also to look at the blogpost Marian wrote in response.
She would love to hear your feedback as she wants to know what real people think about the real issues in their lives.
Marian champions the belief that we are acceptable just the way we are and that being our authentic selves is the best and only way to live.  It seems an ordinary and obvious way to be but many people struggle with the notion.  Marian is very skilled at supporting people to achieve this in their lives.