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It was once a museum

On Wednesday last week we were invited to attend an awards ceremony for our daughter who is studying at Massey University, Wellington.
The venue was in a building that takes me back to my early childhood years in Wellington where Mum and Dad, especially Dad, would take us on Sunday afternoon visits.

The building was the old Dominion Museum. Now apparently earthquake strengthened and used fully as a University facility.
Thankfully the strengthening and renovations have seen many of the features of this wonderful old building left for visitors, staff and students to enjoy.

The camera was not doing well in the very low light but here are some photos I took during our visit.

Kiwis on the stair rails

Surveying plaques



The Great Hall where all the Waka and Whares and Maori taonga were once displayed but where students sit exams now. It has a very high ceiling.



Beautiful tiling in the Tea Gardens

Door grills leading off the Great Hall

This building holds so many happy memories of time spent learning and exploring ( sliding drawers open to reveal gorgeous rare butterflies, examples of native insects, exhibitions of fish and ocean life and so much else) with my Dad who loved it all too. As a young parent I took my children to this Museum and they recall their favourite places, the sounds and smells too.

New Zealand’s national museum is now on Wellington’s waterfront and is called Te Papa, or Our Place.