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Some welcome news

How often news reports contain only doom and gloom but today I heard an item that made my heart sing and gives me hope.

The people responsible for doing home care service reviews in 5 District Health Boards around the country are going to return to that old fashioned concept of meeting people in their own homes to do these assessments.

For the last year assessments have been conducted via telephone. The move to this, at the time, appalled so many people yet despite valid protests and concerns the scheme went ahead. It was heart-wrenching to hear of elderly or disabled people losing their support systems after a telephone interview.

I love emails and the contacts that the internet brings to me but I also love and value getting together with people. We cannot do everything from a remote location and the care of people seems to me to be one area of life that requires trusting, face to face relationships.

My Monday news

My extraordinary news from Monday 2nd May 2011 pales into insignificance for most people and certainly against the BIG news of yesterday.

I had my 6 monthly dental checkup. I have had 2 fantastically skilled and lovely dentists in the past 35 years but I have poor teeth and lots of unpleasant memories of visits to the dentist and the toothache that has sent me rushing to see them.

The extraordinary result was that I had no work that needed to be done. Yippee!