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Friday Photo

This rose is one of the many heritage and heirlooms that are found at the Pauatahanui Burial Ground.

I love this photograph and the play of tonings and light, softness and curves. It reminds me to breathe deeply and slowly and to be at ease.

Click on it to enlarge it further if you wish. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.2013_1109Image0351


Stunners on Sunday

Here are some other early roses from my visit to the Pauatahanui Burial Ground earlier in the week.

A bud promising more to come.
Beauties here already to share and enjoy.



Canary Bird

Today I returned to the Pauatahanui Burial Ground to see what was happening there in early spring.

Some very early roses were beginning to bloom with buds galore on all the roses.

This pretty yellow rose caught my eye.

Canary Bird (Pimpinellifoliae) is its name, dating back to 1908 but this bush was planted in 1996.

A good frisky spring breeze was ruffling things and making photo taking a little tricky.


I will be returning to the Ground in the next few weeks to record more of the first roses.

Rosehip goodness

Here are some of the rosehips that I photographed at the Pauatahanui Burial Ground last Friday.





Something has been enjoying the goodness of this bunch of hips.


The macro on the camera has focused on the path but you can see the intense deep purple colour of these beauties.



But wait this last one is a foreigner from the northern hemisphere. The Holly hedge has its berries on display on the edge of the ground.

Skyscapes on Friday

When the neighbour’s dog had barked non-stop for 50 minutes today I picked up my camera and headed to Pauatahanui for some peace and quiet and some fresh air.

Our long fine summer continues and the sky was intensely blue and cloudless.
My eye was caught by these skyscapes.


The church is St Albans, an Anglican church which dates back to the time of the early European settlement in the area. It is special to my family as two of my children have been married in this church.

I also took some more photos of the rosehips on show in the nearby Burial Ground but I will save those for another post.