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Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight….

So many evenings of late have seen bright sunsets amid the clouds. This one from a few nights ago had us hopeful of a fine day following.

It was not to be.

This sunset from last night also held promise.

Although there was this gale bending the Birch tree over very dramatically.
The gale lashed the house relentlessly all night and today has been little better. We were also drenched in rain with roads closed due to flooding.

Today was our belated Christmas Day with one part of the family so we covered presents (which had been waiting some time)
with plastic bags, loaded up food in a plastic clothes basket, donned our coats and off we went for lunch and a fun afternoon. A four year old and his two year old sister kept things lively and fun.

The weather had cleared by late this afternoon although the gales continue. We spotted some Royal Spoonbills in the Pauatahanui Inlet along with a large flock of Black Swans.

Can you spot the two vague white dots out in the water? They are the Spoonbills.
We did get much closer to one but it sensed our presence and off it flew.

The Pohutukawas were still being shaped by the winds
and this gull was snuggled down in the tufty beach grass taking a well-earned rest from the battering forces.
No sunset tonight so little hope of better weather tomorrow it would seem……

A news item I read late this afternoon indicated exceptionally high temperatures in parts of Australia while the east coast of America is experiencing bitterly cold, snowy conditions. We are battened down safe and sound.

Keep safe wherever you are.


Surprises on Friday

Each day is different and has a surprise in it, like a Cracker Jack box.
–Alpha English

This quote came in on a daily email I subscribe to and it made me think about some of the surprises I experienced on Friday.

As I drove down to our village there was the finest of mists across the sunlit hills on a still, sunny, autumn morning.

As I parked the car at our village shops I saw a white horse with its owner waiting to see the local vet.

Overhead a top-dressing plane was swooping and diving as it spread fertilizer on the nearby farm hills.

In the chemist’s shop I spotted a pair of “rock star” socks, complete with a red electric guitar on them for my three year old grandson who loves drumming and music.

Back at home I spotted a finch in the garden. The finches seem to have left our garden for the summer so perhaps like “our” Tui they are back.

And when I rang our local city council to request that they trim around the base of a Pohutukawa to increase visibility on the street corner the woman on the end of the phone told me she could see that tree, in real time, on her computer screen.

So I had my share of pleasant surprises on Friday.