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Who needs a soothing, soft walled pink room?

Normal transmission has resumed here with a cold southerly wind blowing rain across in drizzling drifts.

Jazz, our cat loves to keep warm and snug. He has always enjoyed climbing into a fitted sheet that has been draped over the clothes airer.

Once or twice he has misjudged his weight and angles and lines and the clothes airer has either fallen over or someone has grabbed it as it toppled.

Today however he arranged himself comfortably without mishap and while he looks a little worried in the first photo, the soothing pink and soft walls of his hide out were ultimately comforting and relaxing….

Cats remind us of simple messages – seek out a sanctuary in which to rest, seek comfort and relax……


Sunday Quote: Learn to Rest from Michael Leunig

Excerpt from Michael Leunig. “Learn to rest” from The Curly Pyjama Letters.

Dear Vasco…….…….” While it is true that periods of weariness help the spirit to grow, the prolonged, ongoing state of fatigue, to which our world seems to be rapidly adapting, is ultimately soul-destroying as well as earth-destroying. The ecology of evil flourishes and love cannot take root in this sad situation. It is an important aspect of our CONSCIENCE and must be heeded or else we will not survive.

When you are tired you must HAVE that feeling and you must act upon it sensibly – you MUST rest like the trees and animals do. Yet tiredness has become a matter of shame! This is a dangerous development. Tiredness has become the most suppressed feeling in the world. Everywhere we see people overcoming their exhaustion and pushing on with intensity- cultivating the great mass mania which all around is making life so hard and ugly – so cruel and meaningless – so utterly graceless- and being congratulated for overcoming it and pushing it deep down inside themselves as if it were a virtue to do this.

And of course, Vasco, you know what happens when such strong and natural feelings are denied – they turn into the most powerful and bitter poisons with dreadful consequences. We live in a world of these consequences and then wonder why we are so unhappy.

So I gently urge you, Vasco, do as we do in Curly Flat – learn to curl up and rest – feel your noble tiredness – learn about it and make a generous place for it in your life and enjoyment will surely follow.

I repeat: it’s worth doing nothing and having a rest.

Yours sleepily, Mr Curly x x x”

Time to myself

At the supermarket today I heard the checkout operator say to the woman packing my groceries that she had not started work until noon today and just how much she had enjoyed having time to herself.

She went on to describe what she had done in the morning and how good it had felt to slow down, to go at her own pace without the usual constraints of time and work; to think about things that mattered just to her and to really enjoy having lunch with her daughter in a lovely location.

She sounded and looked very relaxed and refreshed from having some time to herself. I felt more relaxed too as she described the benefits she had felt.

I hope you can find that same “me” time too.