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A Lacy Leaf

So this leaf caught my attention as I tidied up in the garden last week. I was struck by its delicate lacy patterns and the fact that it was still intact despite its dryness and the holes in it. ( Apologies for my photography skills or lack of them:-))

It had caught my eye and so I sat and contemplated the leaf. Here are some impressions that came to me:.

Initially it reminded me of how vulnerable we can feel at times in our lives, when holes seem to have appeared in our protective coating and it feels as if there is only a patch or two holding together.

Then I thought about how frail the leaf looked at first glance but upon closer inspection, it is in fact still strong. How often do humans of all ages find themselves in a frail state but something within them is still strong and enables them to move on with life in time.

We can feel stripped bare of so many parts of our lives at times but our basic framework and structure holds us together firmly enough and enables us to rebuild.

Despite decline and ageing we all have a deep beauty to reveal.

While the leaf was once lush and green, now that it is dying we can see all the many tiny aspects of it that have supported its life. We have a multitude of aspects to us that are not always visible.

The tiny veins of the leaf were integral to its ability to stay alive by providing its means of nourishment. The veins drew this nourishment in and helped remove any waste. What are the myriad of ways we need to draw in life and shed the things we don’t need?

The leaf was once part of a tree but had its own special function in that bigger picture.
What is your part in the big picture of your family, community, society and life itself?

” Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts”. Rachel Carson.

The complexity of the leaf mirrors our complexity in so many ways.

What do you see in this leaf?