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Small flowers in the garden – a series #14

IMG_0047 (800x600)

This small purple plant appears in the grass and I suspect also in the garden where it grows taller and spreads out.   Any suggestions as to its name please?


Small flowers in the garden – a series #13


While this plant is in all manner of places in the garden I needed to research to find its name.  It is Oxalis Stricta or Wood Sorrell.  Apparently it does not do well in shaded places but that does not seem to apply in my garden.  It is also high in Vitamin C.  Once in the garden, always in the garden I suspect.  The bright yellow and very small flower is a positive feature to the attentive eye.

Small flowers in the garden – a series #12


Little Lobelia.   Pretty, delicate flowers in such deep blues, indigo and white in my garden.  I find little drifts here and there in the garden as it self sows easily.  It does not seem too fussy about where it lives but a good drink of rain such as we had over the past weekend has seen it look much healthier than it had been looking.

Small flowers in the garden – a series #9


To date this is the tiniest flower I have found in my garden.  I think it is the flower of the herb Sweet Marjoram.  In the way that gardening and plants surprise us this plant has popped up in an old herb garden that is a wilderness currently and where no Marjoram has flourished for many years.  I have used the macro feature on the camera so the flowers look much larger than they are.  They could almost be missed they are so miniscule.

Small flowers in the garden – a series #7


The flowers of the Swan Plant.  Most are no longer in good shape after the ravenous caterpillars have stripped the leaves and stalks near them.  I doubt we will see the “swans” that form after the flowers, providing seeds for next season.  I hope we will see some Monarch Butterflies emerge after the feasting.

Small flowers in the garden – a series #5


Violas pop up in all manner of spots in my garden and delightfully in all manner of colour combinations.  Their membership of the Violet family is no surprise when enjoying the depth of violet in these wee pretties.


  • Part shade
  • Most soil types
  • Low growing
  • Attracts beneficial insects
  • Small colourful flowers