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A fish out of water

This extraordinary wee car was across the road this morning. I had to smile and grab the camera.



Saturday Tip: Recipe for happiness

I found this in an old Church recipe book.

“Equal parts of health, honest work, rest and recreation, mixed carefully with diligence, cheerfulness and an even temper.

Sift them through the sieve of determination to get rid of any lumps of idleness or despondency.

Then bring the whole to a cream with the milk of human kindness and spirits of consideration and sympathy, stirring each in gently with an inspiring hand.

Add to this a sparkle of smiles and colour with laughter, a mere thought and a few illusions.

This mixture can be made at home by anyone.”

What does the wee phrase “a sparkle of smiles” bring to mind for you? I’d be interested to know.

Saturday tip: laughter

When we laugh or smile endorphins are released in our body.  Endorphins are “happy drugs” and we can fool our body in to releasing them by putting a pen horizontally between our teeth.

It may help other people smile or laugh when they see you clenching the pen between your teeth!   Go on try it, it has to be good for you!