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A walk around the winter garden

The sunlight is low and activity levels in the garden are generally low too, given it is winter. But there are signs here and there of plant life that provides for interest in this season of quiet.

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Stillness and Light

Earlier in the week, as the last hour of sunshine filled the garden and the incessant wind had dropped, I went into the garden with my camera.
Lovely light on the Kowhai tree leaves.
DSCF1668 (800x600)
Even the Tuis were happy to sit still for me on this occasion.
DSCF1684 (800x600)
DSCF1674 (800x600)
DSCF1676 (800x600)

We could hope for more of the same with summer officially beginning this week.

A sunny sunlit afternoon

Bright sunshine and blue skies have been very absent around here for some time now. This weekend the sun has shone on us and has been very welcome.
With the back garden full of mid afternoon sunshine I pottered out with my camera and found these images appealed to me as I wandered.
The light was playing in some interesting spots and with little wind it made for a very pleasant time outdoors.








Light work

The days are lengthening noticeably here now as we head to the longest day in just over a month’s time. The garlic is looking increasingly closer to harvesting time.

The light is playing games in the house right now. I am finding it in unusual and unexpected patches at different times of the day.

Then today we are experiencing a partial solar eclipse in relatively fine, calm conditions. There is some high cloud about but as I type this the sunlight entering the house is very dull and the birds have gone much quieter.

At full “eclipse” today 76% of the sun will be obscured by the moon. It certainly gives an eerie, hazy light to things outdoors. The sunlight has a different quality to it and my eyes are not finding it a familiar light at all.

The house is very dark in rooms where the sun does not reach at this time of day. But Jazz, our cat is still content to bask in any sunshine on offer out there

I’m a fan of mellow light and I find the blazing light of summer and the long periods of day challenging at times. Many others thrive in that strength and abundance. Which do you prefer?

A shaft of light

This shaft of light stretched into the kitchen last week in the late afternoon. The kitchen here is normally only filled with sunlight in the morning but here it is as the day came towards its end.

Out in the garden are another couple of hints that the light is on the move in positive ways.

And then it was still

This week my country has been under the influence of a storm system straight out of the southern ocean. The wind has been fierce in strength and chill factor, here, most of the week.

It has swung from north west and back to south west on occasions and yesterday was a good example of that.
However the black, threatening clouds in the early afternoon moved away and left the air still for a few hours, with warm, milky sunshine bathing the back garden.

There were some photos I wanted and finally I have captured the precise one, after several attempts. However as I turned to come back indoors my eye was caught by the soft creamy sunlight playing on the leaves of the Pandorea. In front of this climber is a brave lavender which still has some flower heads on it.

While the sharpness of the lavender is not as I hoped the lovely colours and the way the light illuminates only part of the leaves is what had appealed to me and stilled me for a time.

Last light

Here in the southern hemisphere we are entering the darkest time of the year as the days shorten.

We have been enjoying some wonderful weather that has us confused. It is warm and calm but the sun is a mellower, soft light and it is in the sky for shorter and shorter hours each day.

As the afternoon draws on the sunlight is slanting across the walls and floors at quite different angles. Sunset behind a nearby hill happens quite dramatically.

On Friday I managed to capture the last, reflected, milky sunlight near the phone and computer.

2012_0506Image0128 (960x1280)
Then the last of the rays falling on a bedroom wall and within seconds it is all gone from the house and the dark begins to creep in.

2012_0506Image0130 (960x1280)