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Salt of the earth

The phrase “salt of the earth” is often used to describe a person who is of great worth and reliability.

But a year or so ago I was told about Himalayan Pink Salt which is very nutritious and reputedly very good for stabilizing blood pressure. Low blood pressure can be an issue here in the family so I went on the hunt to find the mysterious salt that is dug out of the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan.

I eventually located a bag from a health food shop in a suburb 20 minutes away. The price was nominal and the packaging told me that “Himalayan Crystal Salt was originally noticed by Alexander the Great, when his horses and men, weary and dying after many battles and journeys, instinctively began ingesting the salt. Almost immediately they revived and famously, Alexander bartered much of his gold for salt.”

I now buy the salt from our local Pauatahanui Rural Trading Post. The owner there told me that local horse owners swear by this salt and the horses love their salt licks made from this natural earth salt.

The second package tells me that it is a “natural source of over 84 minerals and trace elements including iodine and selenium.” Apparently it has a “unique crystalline structure that makes it easy for the body to absorb.”

Fortunately we were not in a depleted state when we began to use this salt for cooking and sprinkling on our food so any improvements in our health have been more difficult to observe but New Zealand soils are very low in selenium and with iodine present in a kind form for our bodies to absorb it seems a good thing to keep using.