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Saturday Tip: Tips for mothers of new babies 1954 and 1986

In a New Zealand Plunket Baby Record book dated 1954 there are 12 needs listed for a baby.

Numbers 5 and 11 tell us something of the advice that was given to mothers back then:

“BATHING – Bath and dress very quickly in a cosy corner. No dawdling

MANAGEMENT – Fond and foolish over-indulgence, mismanagement and “spoiling” may be as harmful to an infant as callous neglect and intentional cruelty.”

In comparison in 1986 the Baby’s Health and Development book had this advice:

” It takes time to love and understand your baby. Most of all, your baby needs you to be nice to him. He loves to smell and touch your skin.

Whenever your bath and change him, he loves hugs and kisses, smiles and songs, and talk.”


Saturday Tip: Tips from the WDFF Cookery Book 1965, reprinted June 1973

The Women’s Division of Federated Farmers is an institution in NZ. I was given this book at my Kitchen Tea!

In the foreword the then President Ellenor C. Watson wrote: ……” Country brides have always been presented with this book, and through the members of other countrywoman’s organizations it has travelled around the world, always useful, always helpful to make better cooks and happier homes.”

Tips from the Game and Poultry section include how to roast chicken, turkey, swan, duck, wild duck, goose, quail, and fowl. How to cook Jugged Hare, cook an old fowl and how to make goose tender.

In the Quantity Catering section it details that there are approximately 250 tsps of tea in a pound, which is 200 servings, allowing for a second cup. 1 quart of milk serves 40 persons. 96 teaspoons of sugar to the pound.

Old cook books give such a fascinating snapshot of life in earlier times.

Saturday tips

I am going to post “tips” on Saturday and a “quote” on Sunday……so I can keep my weekend time free for pursuits other than writing  longer blog posts.

Decluttering is on my agenda currently and so I dug into my time management resources and found the following “tips”:

The Four D’s:  

Do……………do something with this stuff

Delay……………until I can find a home elsewhere for this stuff

Delegate………….ask someone else to declutter their stuff

Dump………….to the local recycling station or into the bin

Use Your GUTS!

Give it away

Use it

Throw it away

Sell it

Good luck with getting organised, decluttering or managing your time more efficiently.  I’d be interested in any tips you have to clear clutter.