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Yesterday before the rain

The weather forecast mentioned increasing cloud and rain. That all seemed to come in a little earlier than forecast so with the clouds thickening as a warning we headed out for a short stroll at Aotea Lagoon. Our timing was perfect and we enjoyed the sheltered area near the small duck pond and rose garden.
No spring baby water fowl were in evidence and the stunning flowering cherry tree was still to burst forth but there were some other lovely colours to soak up and record with the camera.

Kowhai trees in full flower at Aotea Lagoon, Porirua

Kowhai trees in full flower at Aotea Lagoon, Porirua

Iceland Poppies

Iceland Poppies

This Wisteria will be a mass of flower and fragrance in the next week. I suspect the colour of the flowers will deepen as more emerge.
Wisteria at Aotea Lagoon, Porirua

Wisteria at Aotea Lagoon, Porirua

Today is wet, windy and cold again. Truly spring in Wellington.


Sunday stroll

I live near the delightfully simple and beautiful Aotea Lagoon. It has some lovely grassy areas, a duck pond, a rose garden, fern house, children’s play area, barbeques to use for picnics, a petanque piste, a windmill and of course the tidal lagoon that you can walk around.

Aotea Lagoon

It is a very popular spot for people of ages. It is free and offers so much ordinary pleasure.

Today with spring in full bloom I snapped some photos on a warm and sunny October afternoon. It was easy to feel the gentle energy and soak up the goodness.


Japanese maple in verdant red

Frothy flowering cherry blossoms

Vibrant cineraria