Sunshine and beauty

When the sun has been absent for long stretches of time and the rain has dripped and drizzled or poured down on and off for weeks, a sunny day is such a tonic.

Yesterday was a warm and sunny day. I took my lunch outside and soaked up the healthy Vitamin D on offer. I could feel the goodness raising my spirits.

I checked the magnolia and the bud I have blogged about here.

Like me the buds have been waiting patiently for the sunshine and warmth.

Look at the soft suede-like petals, happy to open, at last, in the right conditions.

And with the aid of the macro on the camera have a peep in here. What beauty is held within the cup of petals.

6 thoughts on “Sunshine and beauty

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thank you Judy. I have never looked inside one of the flowers before and I was so surprised to find something very like a sea anemone. Nature can surprise us like that at times. The tree is over 3 metres tall and wide spreading. It has lots and lots of flower buds on it. Sadly any wind or rain damages the soft petals so we don’t always get a full show of the flowers.

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        It is intensely beautiful when it flowers and then shady once the leaves emerge for summer. I will post a photo of the tree once more buds have opened:-)

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