Save our Longfin eel!

Our longfin eel is amazing! It spawns somewhere near Tonga (at the end of its life), its elvers can climb 43 metres up vertical surfaces and it’s as endangered as our little spotted kiwi.

Eel lovers will be descending on Parliament next Tuesday to put a moratorium on the commercial harvesting of longfin eel, so sign our petition and join the march.

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6 thoughts on “Save our Longfin eel!

      1. Gallivanta

        I think the drought conditions are not helping the eels either. A short while ago, perhaps last week, some eels had to be rescued from the Ashley River, or what there is of it .

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        We are in severe drought conditions here now. Our local fresh water streams must be very low too. So many animals and creatures are suffering. We hope for rain on Sunday….as does most of New Zealand.

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