Our cat Jazz is a little over 14 years old and in the past year or two has developed some arthritis in his lower spine. He is on pain relief and some medication that help eases the discomfort and increases his flexibility.

I have added this Snugglesafe cat “hottie”

to his treatment regime after learning about these on Leanne’s blog:

He was very suspicious of his new hottie at first
but gradually,

he has crept closer to it
and finally after two days he is enjoying the steady, warmth this fleece covered disc offers to him.

His humans have also discovered how useful it is on sore lower backs and strained rib cartilage when Jazz has been outside or when the daytime temperatures have been too warm for him to want to lie on it.

It is a nifty comforter.


10 thoughts on “Snugglesafe

  1. Gallivanta

    Such a lovely series of photos. I have a snuggle safe for my dog. He doesn’t have any ailments but it is a nice way to keep him warm. Occasionally I long to steal it from him!

  2. Leanne

    Ahh glad Jazz likes the hottie. If Jazz ever needs to go to a cattery he is very welcome to come here (Only open to friends of MandaBurms)
    PS Ginger and white cats are special to me – my first cat was one and it is what I’m going to get as my last cat one day too in the way future.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Leanne for the hottie information and your kind cattery offer. Jazz is a very special chap – very talkative, very socialable, very smoochy and cuddly. He is soaking up the sun right now in his banana box:-))

  3. Solitude

    Indeed it is so sweet of you. I love people who loves animals.
    And Jazz badly needed!

    A hug from me to your cat, she is lovely!


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