I have felt in need of some soothing today after a week so far that has been very challenging on many levels. I turned to my garden and took this photo of our Camellia “Quintessence”. The tag off the plant says “ Miniature single white blooms with white filaments and yellow anthers. Sweet musky fragrance. Early to mid season. Slow spreading bush.”

This is our second “Quintessence”. I checked the meaning of the word quintessence after we first purchased this delicately flowered shrub and knew our choice was an appropriate one.
The dictionary offered me two meanings: “ Fifth substance, apart from four elements, composing the heavenly bodies, entirely and latent in all things.”
“Most essential part of any substance, refined extract; purest and most perfect form, manifestation or embodiment of some quality or class.”

I needed the “fifth substance” after the four elements: water (floods in New South Wales), earth ( yet more earthquakes in Christchurch), air ( troubled by volcanic ash ) and fire ( a spate of arson attacks in the past week or more) have dominated lives. It was helpful to spend time looking at the flowers, enjoying their beauty and noting the new growth that has occurred despite something nibbling on the leaves. I felt more at peace.


5 thoughts on “Soothing

  1. juliet

    ‘Quintessence’ sounds like a perfect quality to focus on after this unsettling week. As you say, each of the 4 elements has been troubled this week. The image of the camellia is beautiful, so pure and simple. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I’m glad it’s helped to soothe you. I’ve also posted a comment on my blog in response to yours.

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      Thanks for your comments and encouragement Juliet. Let’s hope for calmer, less disruptive times.

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      Nature does offer us space and healing… seems a little ironic this week given that nature has been so testing for so many. I really enjoy your blog. It was the title of it that first drew me to it. We are beginning to see the occasional Keruru here in the garden but there are reports of more in the densely wooded areas around my suburb:-) It is so refreshing to read about your children and their play and activities… reminds me of my childhood and those of my 3 now adult children. Keep safe. We all think of Christchurch residents very very often. Surely “This too must pass.”

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